Timeless &
Sophisticated Spaces

Adriana Sol is a talented interior designer with a passion for creating understated and refined spaces that stand the test of time. With a refined taste and a love for sophistication, her main goal is to curate interiors that reflect the enduring personality and style of her clients.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Miami, Florida, Adriana's multicultural background and travels around the world have significantly influenced her design aesthetic. In particular, her visit to South Africa, especially Cape Town, awakened her creativity and inspired her to incorporate the beauty and cultural diversity of that place into her designs.

Adriana graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from the Miami International University of Art & Design. Her experience at the intersection of different cultures and design styles has allowed her to blend the vibrant energy of Miami's Art Deco, the elegance of Scandinavian design, and the timeless allure of French interiors.

Adriana's design approach is collaborative and tailored to the needs and desires of each client. She firmly believes that well-designed spaces have the power to enhance our lives and evoke emotions. Her passion lies in creating interiors that provide comfort, inspiration, and refined sophistication